This screen contains the Bitcoin exchange rate and an address for you to send your coins to

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This screen contains the Bitcoin exchange rate and an address for you to send your coins to

The rate of conversion of BTC to fiat that’s shown to you will remain locked in until the time indicated. Before sending your coins, however, we advise you to click on “Choose Your Bonus” so that you can redeem the special 150% up to $1,500 bonus offer that Ignition extends to everyone who funds their account for the first time via Bitcoin. Those using other payment channels, like credit card, are restricted to the standard 100% up to $1,000 bonus.

Assuming your transaction completed without a hitch, the appropriate amount of your account currency should now be listed in your balance

Now it’s time to send your bitcoins to the address displayed. Don’t send coins directly to Ignition from an exchange account, which is just common sense because most regulated Bitcoin exchanges frown upon gambling. Moving your bitcoins to a personal wallet, such as that provided by , before depositing them at Ignition Casino is sufficient to mask the final destination of your funds from anyone who intends to pry into your personal business. You can send any amount of Bitcoin to the address Ignition provides as long as its within the $10 – $5,000 allowed range.

Once you have completed your transaction to Ignition in your wallet, press the big button marked “Done.” Now you will see a message like the following:

This page gives you a summary of how much Bitcoin you sent as well as how much that corresponds to in dollars. In addition, you’ll see the address and exchange rate that applied to the transaction.

Credit Card You can deposit between $20 and $1,500 with your credit card. There are, unfortunately, fees involved in using this method of deposit for U.S. customers. Visa and MasterCard holders are subject to a fee of 5.9% of the deposit amount while the figure for American Express is 9.9%. Australian customers won’t be hit with these surcharges. However, both Aussies and Americans might be subject to a charge of up to 3% from their card issuers for currency conversion if applicable. Citizens of the Land Down Under are able to deposit via credit card cash advance, but if you do so, your bank might make you pay a little bit extra.

When Ignition confirms that you have sent the money, this display will change to look something like this:

Bitcoin Cash Ignition now supports the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) digital coin that was forked off from Bitcoin at the beginning of . It generally has even lower fees that BTC, so it’s the payment channel of choice for cost-savvy consumers. BCH users will be pleased to note that the 150% up to $1,500 poker bonus that legacy Bitcoin unlocks is also supported for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was the result of internecine fighting amongst the Bitcoin Cash community. First starting out in 2018, this fork has gained quite a few adherents, and it has been added to the Bodog family of sites for cashier functions.

Litecoin, Ether Litecoin and Ether are the two latest crypto assets to be featured in the Ignition cashier. All the special BTC bonuses and offers are also valid with these two coins. Litecoin boasts much lower fees than old-school Bitcoin while Ethereum delivers speedy block times.

Voucher Vouchers are a way for players to withdraw money from their accounts, which is then tied into a code. If you have been given a voucher code, then you can add the funds to your Ignition account simply by typing in your code. This is a fine way for poker veterans to introduce newcomers to the online casino with paysafecard mysteries of poker in a safe and secure manner.

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